At EXIT, we believe in pointing our associates toward financial security by offering an opportunity to earn more than 100%, follow their dreams, create a retirement plan, and leave a legacy.

The EXIT Formula anchors the cornerstones and is the foundation of everything that EXIT is.

It is both a business model and philosophy. As a business model, it means that both the brokerage and the agents thrive, rather than one at the expense of the other (that’s the 70/30 to $100K and 90/10 thereafter – No desk fees either). As a philosophy, it means the agent is more than just their last transaction, as they can earn passive, single-level residuals, retirement, and lifestyle benefits, and leave a legacy to their designated beneficiary. The EXIT Formula provides a balanced life now, and security in the future.

    EXIT Realty: 4 Minute Million

    What are the chances of you having $1 Million in your bank account doing what you're presently doing?

    All over the U.S. and Canada, real estate professionals have discovered a third income stream in addition to taking listings and making sales, called "sponsoring", that fills the gaps between closings and gives them a financial future that has never existed in real estate before. Could you do anything with that?

     A company that’s simply free to do the right thing for all.

    Just imagine, a company totally unconcerned about stock price, board of directors, or manipulated valuation. A company that’s simply free to do the right thing for all. A business model that is totally transparent with no contingencies of any kind. A straightforward cash payment.

      EXIT’s unique Formula of 10% single-level residuals has been powering dreams since 1996.

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